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Miscalculated Risks (Law School Heretic Book 1) - Maria Riegger

In this debut novel, Maria paints the picture of two law students falling in love. It covers a four week period of time. You will smile at the lovely sentences, sentiments and struggles.

Stunning Northern Lights - Photo Gallery - Fred Kox

This book is about two pages of text and 15 lovely photos. The beauty of the kindle fire shines with this type of book. However, I don't understand why some pictures were small and others a full page.
There were no author credits. But the pictures were certainly brilliant.

Shelter From The Storm: A Hard-Boiled New Orleans Legal Thriller (Tubby Dubonnet Mystery #4) (The Tubby Dubonnet Series) - Tony Dunbar

This book had a good pace and was a nice light read until I hit offensive language. While this language may not offend others, I'm writing the review. It was the same point where the plot seemed to falter, trip and fall apart. The characters never really developed but I was too busy being amused by the story to notice.

The Chamber - John Grisham

Too long, too technical (and I'm a lawyer). How do other readers feel about the loose end? It did make me think about the death penalty.

Easy Bake Review Recipe and SALE

Reviews are important, they tell the author what the reader saw and they tell other people what to expect. They are hard to come by but treasured by authors. Please consider writing a review this month.

Easy Bake Recipe for a Book Review.

1. Read the entire book.

2. Answer one or more of the following questions:

What was your general impression? Were you entertained, educated, did you laugh, did you love, like or enjoy the book?

What stood out about the book? Was it humorous?

Was there a quote you loved?

Was there an idea it promoted?

3. How did you feel about the characters?

4. Do you recommend this book? Do you recommend it to particular readers?

5. For Amazon reviews you only need 20 words. You don’t need to tell the story, this isn’t a book report.

6. Say something nice. A book takes time and heartfelt effort to put together. It’s a little of the writer’s soul.

Reviews are important to authors, please consider writing one today.
Thank you.

About the Author

Una Tiers is an attorney who writes mystery/humorcides. Her debut novel, JUDGE vs NUTS, is available on Amazon eBooks (links below) and is ON SALE!

Synopsis of Judge vs Nuts:

Fiona Gavelle expected fame, fortune and glory after law school. However she finds herself working in a dead end, dusty law office where she does more secretarial than lawyer work.
One snowy Chicago night, she learns she was fired from her miserable job and when her miserable husband doesn't support her plight, she walks out.
However, after attending the funeral of a man she only met once, her luck turns. She gets new office space, and is taken in by her favorite Aunt.
She struggles to prove the practice of law does not include car chases or running down the alley at midnight.
Join Fiona to see where she leads you.

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US   The book is on sale April 23, 2015 8AM PST to April 26, 2015 12PM PST $.99  US Dollars

UK across the pond, the book is on sale April 23, 2015 8AM GMT to April 27, 12PM GMT  £ .99

http://www.amazon.com/Judge-Nuts-Fiona-Gavelle-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00UUS7GJK  US

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Judge-Nuts-Fiona-Gavelle-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00UUS7GJK UK

Foolproof - Barbara D'Amato, Jeanne M. Dams, Mark Richard Zubro

The opening pulled me in with trepidation. It was a little hard to follow the characters for a while until the motorcycle chase scene.

Death of a Doxy - Rex Stout, Sandra West Prowell

I learned a new word, Doxy does not mean the little weiner dog. This was another addition to solving the murder intellectually.

The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection - Alexander McCall Smith

Brilliant, delightful and now my favorite Alexander McCall Smith book. His analysis of the truth and description of Africa are gentle and fun, making the reader linger. The shoes of Mma. Makutsi have a new feature.


My favorite quote:


“I promise to share all my worldly goods-including letters, parcels and other items of correspondence, opened or unopened.”
The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970 - Kevin Howlett

This book weighs 20# and is far too heavy to hold and read. The review is based on the lovely pictures and memories those pics provoked.

The Alibi - Sandra Brown

A looooooooooooooong book. The plot started strong, but drifted to details that were too inconsequential to be red herrings. The romance was silly.
The culprit was well disguised.

Dirty Tricks - Michael Dibdin
This book has some clever attributes and some overly bawdy parts. The story line is different and clever.





The Mystery of Lucy's Rolls Royce

Lucille Ball entertained us with her slightly outrageous comedy, red hair and strides accomplished in entertainment. In the second season of I LOVE LUCY, she was pregnant, in real time and on the program. Did you know the sponsors referred to her condition as with child? They prohibited the use of the word pregnant.
Born as Lucille Desiree Ball in 1911, she enjoyed a career spanning decades. She was married twice and had two children with Desi Arnez, her first husband. Lucy and Desi were married in 1940 and again in 1949. In 1944 Lucy filed for a divorce, but the parties reconciled. In 1960, they were divorced.
Her marriage with Gary Morton was from 1969 to her death in 1989.
Her estate plan may have a miscalculation. In the section about personal effects, her estate planning documents had standard language leaving personal effects to her second husband.
Her estate plan also included a trust, still operating in 2007, to benefit her daughter initially, and later to benefit her grandchildren. While the trust is not public, at the time of her death, her estate was estimated to be about forty million dollars.
Personal property is distinguished from real property (called real estate).
When Gary Morton died in 1999, he left all of his personal possessions to his current wife. That included a lot of Lucy items like awards, autographed pictures, love letters, a 1984 Rolls Royce and other gifts.
In 2010, Gary Morton’s second wife decided to sell the Lucy items. Learning about the auction, Lucy’s daughter sued to stop the sale claiming that she “should” have those items. The judge didn’t agree but said that if she could put up a bond, the sale could be continued until the court sorted things out. The daughter said she didn’t have enough cash to buy the bond. Her attorneys then negotiated with the auction house, returning awards to be donated to a museum. The remainder of the items sold at auction for about $230,000.
What did Lucy intend? The Rolls Royce may have been owned jointly with her then husband. Or, she may have intended for the car to pass to him after her death. The love letters may have been from Gary or Desi or both, as reports differ.
Many of the personal items were engraved costly cigarette lighters. A cigarette manufacturer was one of the sponsors of the I Love Lucy show. Both Desi Arnez and Gary Morton died of lung cancer.
The mystery is what she intended. We’ll never know. Was the provision for the personal property to go to her second husband an oversight? She could have made other provisions for her children to have the items if that is what she wanted.
The lesson here is that if you have personal items, you can name a person or persons to receive those items after your death.

Author Una Tiers writes humorous mysteries with a dose of learning about the law. She loves to examine what went wrong and put it into a story.


The Cemetery Yew: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery (Paperback) - Cynthia Riggs

A cemetery, a lost casket and a pile of loot, what more could you ask for? The bonus is a set of quirky characters.